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My Love Story- Part One

My Knight in Shining Armor

*By Cassandra McMurtry, written in 2000.

I sighed with dismay as I gazed 'oer the land,

For it was quite a sight to see.

Knight after knight had traveled far-

All with hopes of courting me.

I knew someday that *He* would come-

My knight in shining armor bright.

But as I looked at dull knight after knight,

I knew that none of them were right.

I wanted someone that was loyal to my King-

Who would serve Him all his life.

Yet none had come with that great desire-

Their hearts were all filled with hate and strife.

My Knight must be patient and kind-

And treat me like a queen.

He must be respectful and thoughtful,

And not be cruel or mean.

I sighed again as I looked before me-

Would my shining Knight ever come?

I knew that my King was all knowing-

That He had prepared me for *someone*!

I shook my head sadly as I turned away-

The sight was very depressing to see.

But suddenly my gaze re-focused,

For a shining Knight was walking towards me!

His name was Sir Tom-

A man greatly admired by me.

Surely it could not mean what I thought-

Did he want me his wife to be?

My mother took me quietly aside,

And whispered in my ear.

I looked up with delight and wonder-

This was not what I expected to hear!

Sir Tom was interested in me-

Enough to make me his wife!

He saw in me qualities he liked-

And wanted to stay with me his entire life!

I hugged my mother joyfully-

As a tear trickled down my cheek.

Sir Tom was a dream come true-

And for *my* hand he had come to seek!

Days went by and turned into weeks-

As I learned more about my Shining Knight.

We could not be more of a perfect match-

The will of the King is always right!

Came a day I dreamed of all my life-

When my Knight got down on bended knee.

He took out a ring and said, "I love you.

Cassandra, will you marry me?"

Now I look at our future with shining eyes-

I fall in love more deeply every day.

I can not wait to begin my life with him-

He is perfect for me in every way.

I wrote this for you, Sir Tom-

I love you with all my heart.

I will always stay true to you-

And nothing will ever tear us apart.

~Your Fair Maiden

PART ONE- The Foundation

Some have told me that my love story is beautiful. Some have told me that it's rare. I don't know if it is either of those things, but I have decided to write it down here, for posterity's sake, and to be an encouragement for any girls out there that might be trying to go about marriage the same way I did.

I was saved at an early age. I was raised in a first generation Christian household. Because of this, I was taught purity from a young age. I was saved before I turned 5. At the age of 7 or 8, we attended a mission's conference. I remember seeing different children walk down the aisle holding all the flags of the world. I felt my heart stirring. I wanted to serve God in the biggest way possible. To me, that meant marrying someone who would be either be a missionary or pastor. I know many don't agree with this mindset now, and I agree that marrying a good, godly person, pastor or missionary or not, should be the main focus. I am just writing down what my heart's desire was, from a young age.

I devoured books from a young age, books about being a good, godly, lady, and being a good wife and mother. I knew I wanted to get married someday, but I didn't sit around obsessing about it, or "planning my wedding". I enjoyed being a teenager, and I enjoyed all the things I did as a kid. I took music lessons and devoted much of my time practicing. I went to music camps. I went to summer camps. I visited my best friend in Missouri. I enjoyed myself.

I want to encourage young ladies right now. You can't spend your time moping around, waiting for "Mr. Right" to come along. Enjoy being a child. Enjoy your freedom. It's so easy living at home and not worrying about bills, your children, your husband, etc. Learn something and do it. I love music and I love to write. So I did that a lot. Now I don't have the time to practice like I want, or write as much as I want- I live a very full life. Learn a skill, and learn it well. Your husband will thank you for it someday. My husband loves the fact that I am musical, and that I am an accomplished pianist. I have probably used that skill more than any other skill that I have. If you aren't musical, learn to be good at something. Learn to cook, or learn to sew. Learn how to budget, make simple meals, and handle money well. Learn to paint, or draw. Learn something! Don't waste your teenage years, bemoaning the fact that you don't have a boyfriend. Take advantage of your single years.

Another thing that I cherished was my purity and my virginity. I made the choice young that I would be a virgin when I walked the aisle, and that I would only consider a man for marriage if he was a virgin as well. Virginity is becoming so rare, that I determined if I was going to keep myself pure, then I wanted a pure man, as well. I wanted us to learn everything together- to be the one and only for our entire lives. I am not saying that this is for everyone. God forgives everything- fornication included. Some women, (and men) can live with the fact that their spouse has been with someone before them. I was not that way, however. I had set a standard in my life, and I wasn't going to budge. I didn't even consider a guy if he had been with another girl. It's not wrong for you to set a standard in your life, ladies.

I write this as a way to encourage you- not to make you feel bad if you have already messed up. If you have messed up, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, confess your sins to the Lord, and strive to live right from here on out. But, if you are a pure young lady, know that you are not alone. God will bless you for that. You will start out marriage right- with no baggage! God forgives sin, but there are still consequences for that sin. I know many people who have overcome baggage in their marriage, but it took a lot of work, and a lot of heartache. Determine to do it right from the beginning.

When I was 17, my dad, and the rock in my life, died. It was a traumatic time in my life. I was now the one that my mom leaned on, being the oldest of five siblings. I suddenly had to grow up- even more than I already was, being the oldest child in the home. I don't like thinking about that time in my life, because it was a confusing, sad, stressful time. I finished high school, and we decided to leave the church that we had been attending. We started going to Lighthouse Baptist Church, about 45 minutes away from where we lived.

It was here that I met my future husband- although I didn't know it at the time. To be honest, he drove me nuts. He was a geek, and a know it all, and had a superior attitude towards us teen girls. Since he was also the oldest of five, he was competitive and strong willed. I remember Bible quizzes in teen class. He knew a lot of Bible, more than I, and it drove me nuts. Every time he would get an answer correct, he would look over to the girls' side and give us a snide, obnoxious nod. OH, it made me mad. Anytime I would get a question right that he didn't, I would rejoice silently, and shoot him a side snide glance.

He says now that he noticed from the time our family first walked in, that I was pretty, but he didn't show it. He was his normal obnoxious, immature 17 year old self. I honestly couldn't stand him.

All that would soon change, however......

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